The XXs evoke memories of men with unparalleled class and unique elegance. Referring to the enduring class and style, we have created the Cologne line with a fresh, masculine fragrance. We emphasised the character of those days with stylised labels decorating the whole series, and expressed the temperament of the interwar period with a fragrance composition combining the fresh notes of tangerine, sweet orange and lemon with clove notes of carnation and pink pepper. The line contains products with excellent skin care properties, ie: oil, balsam and beard shampoo, hair shampoo and aftershave, soap and shower gel. Thanks to this extensive line, you can surround yourself with Cologne products throughout the day.

  • A set of cosmetics COLOGNE

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  • Aftershave COLOGNE

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  • Aftershave COLOGNE (barbersize)

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  • Barbers Pad Pan Drwal COLOGNE

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  • Beard Balm COLOGNE

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  • Beard Shampoo COLOGNE

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  • Pin COLOGNE Girl

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  • Shampoo COLOGNE

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  • Shower Gel COLOGNE

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  • Soap COLOGNE

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