The Bulleit cosmetics for men are the result of cooperation of two manufactories: Bulleit Bourbon and Pan Drwal, both of which devote meticulous attention to their craft. Hand-made products are produced from natural ingredients in the Pan Drwal manufactory. The scent, inspired by the aromas of Bulleit whiskey, contains sweet nuances of caramel, orange, pepper and paprika. The products have been prepared with utmost care for details. The colours of cosmetics, labels and packaging will delight all enthusiasts of the amber beverage. They will certainly invigorate the body and sharpen the senses!

  • Aftershave Pan Drwal X BULLEIT

    100ml Add to cart 50,00
  • Aftershave Pan Drwal X BULLEIT (Barbersize)

    400ml Add to cart 150,00
  • Beard Balm Pan Drwal X BULLEIT

    50ml Read more 80,00
  • Pan Drwal X BULLEIT Oil

    10ml Add to cart 45,00
  • Pan Drwal X BULLEIT Oil

    30ml Add to cart 80,00
  • Shower Gel Pan Drwal X BULLEIT

    400ml Read more 39,00

    10ml Add to cart 149,00